JAPAN - Number of Foreign Students Seeking Jobs After Graduation Hits Record High (Japan Times)

Posted 24th October 2019 • Written by staffingindustry.com •

The number of foreign students who changed their visa status to work in Japan after graduating from universities or vocational schools hit a record high in 2018, amid a chronic manpower shortage in the nation, reports The Japan Times citing data from the Immigration Services Agency. A total of 25,942 students switched their status of residence last year to one that permits employment in Japan, up 3,523 from a year earlier. The figure more than doubled from 2013, apparently reflecting overall growth in the number of overseas students and surging demand from companies for foreign workers to deal with a labour crunch caused by Japan’s aging population and low birth rate. By visa status type, “engineer, specialist in humanities, international services,” accounted for 93.2% of work visas. “Business manager” comprised 2.2% and “professor” comprised 2.1%. Earlier this year Japan’s labour law revisions took effect which brought a number of changes including granting entry to more foreign workers to ease the country’s labour shortage.