Posted 4th June 2019 • Written by •

Three quarters, or 74%, of the UK workforce believe they could do their job to the same standard in four days as they do in five, according to a report from Indeed and YouGov.

The report, ‘The Meaning of Work’, surveyed 2,000 UK workers and found that support for a four-day working week rises to 79% among 23-38 year olds workers.

Meanwhile, workers who prioritise work/life balance would be happy earning £6,000 less annually than those who are not as concerned with work/life balance.

More than half, or 57%, believed their salary was the most important factor in their work, followed by work/life balance (55%). Work/life balance was considered more important than job security (45%) colleagues (40%) length and convenience of the commute (34%), financial benefits such as a pension (20%) and the culture of the organisation in which people work (12%).

The report also found that 56% would like to see every worker’s full pay made transparent and available to all, with 33% opposing pay transparency.

“The results show that work/life balance is hot on the heels of salary when it comes to workers’ priorities and it’s an important factor for workers of all ages. This, combined with the result that most people back pay transparency, and the majority view that a four-day working week is feasible, supports the view that the demands of the workforce are evolving,” Pawel Adrjan, UK economist at Indeed, said.