6 in 10 using mobiles to look for jobs

Posted 5th June 2019 • Written by recruitmentgrapevine.com •

According to new research, 58% of Glassdoor users are looking for jobs on mobile devices, which illustrates a stark change from the traditional recruiting norms of online job boards and human recruiters.

The Rise of Mobile Devices in Job Search: Challenges and Opportunities for Employers report, found that mid-career workers between the ages of 35 and 44-years-old are the most likely demographic to look for jobs on their mobile devices.

Glassdoor used unique data to understand the evolution of mobile recruitment usage in the US, as well as unpick the challenges that jobseekers face when using their phones to job search.

The study also unearthed a difference between the genders. Mobile jobseekers tended to be women and less-educated workers, while white-collar jobseekers – those jobs performed in an office or an administrative setting – were the most likely profession to use phones to look for jobs.

While it seems that more than half of respondents leaned towards mobile recruitment as a preferred method, the application process is more complex for them to complete. 53% fewer applications are completed successfully and they take 80% longer to complete per application, which is hampering candidates who opt to search for jobs on their phone.

Yet, the research found that promoting a job opening as mobile-friendly can increase the number of applications by 11.6%. While the results have been collated from a US survey, there are numerous key takeaways for recruiters in the UK. To ensure that job openings are mobile-friendly and accessible to candidates via their preferred recruitment method, Recruitment Grapevine has collated the following tips:

  • Look at the career site and make sure that the experience is just as easy to navigate as it would be on a computer.
  • Find out what mobile users want from the hiring process.
  • Make sure that language and content is appropriate for all ages. As the study revealed, mid-career workers were the demographic to favour this approach, so don’t just try and appeal to Gen Z and Millennials.
  • Always look for ways to improve the user experience. The simpler it is to navigate, more candidates will apply for roles and employers will have larger talent pools to pick from.

Source: recruitmentgrapevine.com